MRO Wash Rack

 For Large Aircraft Parts Cleaning, Degreasing and Other Depot Maintenance

The days of wash water going down the drain are gone. WashMaster 500 is an easy to use, efficient wash and water recycling system that can be located virtually anywhere on your site without permitting or extensive plumbing. Ideal for nacelles, hydraulic components and engine degreasing, this aircraft wash rack also has a 100% water reclamation system. WashMaster’s large wash pad easily accommodates parts and components that are too large for parts washer cabinets. The low profile 5” high rack with a full-width ramp offers easy and secure access for even unsteady equipment. You name it; WashMaster cleans it. This system does double duty by providing both a movable, enclosed washing area, and a space to contain effluent to assure proper discharge for sustainable, compliant operations.


When corrosive particles such as grease, oils and salt build up on aircraft components, you need a WashMaster 500 for safe, compliant washing. Sometimes a broken component is overlooked due to it being covered in mud and grease. Dirt can excessively wear down hinge fittings and other aircraft parts. If unclean, an aircraft may experience reduced flying speed and other technical issues.

The WashMaster wash rack system offers a designated place for washing. This all-in-one system helps operators stay compliant with strict federal and local environmental regulations while also reducing the potential damage from corrosion.

The WashMaster 500 is complete with hot water pressure washer, rack with centerline drain, suction pumps and an industrial filtration system. Like all Riveer closed-loop wash water systems, WashMaster features the GripMaster trigger off and on wash wand which enables a fast, one-button operation. Low profile ramp and gritted deck help keep washing smooth and easy.

For added control of your wash bath, finishing manufacturers, such as powder coating facilities, utilize Riveer closed loop wash and rinse systems as integral components in their process. These features help extend cleaning solution life, reduce overall costs and control bath solvent levels.

An easy to use, efficient wash and water recycling system that can be located virtually anywhere in your MRO site, depot operations or hanger.


  • Zero Discharge
  • No Training Required
  • Plug and Play
  • Complies with new EPA and municipal regulations
  • Highly efficient degreasing operation
  • Diaphragm pump recovers wash water from the wash pad
  • Dual wash wand for high and low pressure wash
  • Wash water treatment and recycling system includes 3-chamber stainless steel settling tank with coalescing and absolute filtration
  • 24/7 programmed ozone injection to mitigate bacteria
  • 500-gallon holding tank
  • HD steel pad in 6×12, 12×12 and 12×18 pad sizes as standards
  • Galvanized splash guard walls in 6’, 9’ and 12’ (can be powder coated to customer colors)
  • GripStart trigger on/off(user simply squeezes trigger on pressure washer and entire system comes to life, when they release, trigger system performs shut down procedure)
  • Complete booth and air handling options
  • NEMA4 control panel (UL listed)
  • Made in the U.S.